Which Shed Material is Best For You

Building an outdoor storage shed may be a simple way to include much needed storage space. However, determining which sort of drop to construct can be a difficult and confusing decision. We’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material that will assist you find which shed is ideal for you. Overall the plastic sheds are the best.

A wooden shed is the most traditional sort of drop and can be completely customized to make a very specific size or shape. They can also easily be customized inside, also. A number of cabinets and shelves can be hung from the walls and the overhead attic areas to provide additional storage area. However, unless you complete the interior of a wooden shed with real walls and a ceiling, the inside is going to have an “unfinished” look with exposed wood beams and braces that make it even more difficult to clean and can more easily attract unwanted bugs.

Wooden shed kits are more expensive than metal or resin shed kits of a similar size. And, while wood is a really strong material, it’s also very vulnerable. The paint finish on wooden sheds will also fade and peel over time that will require repainting and other upkeep.

Based on where you shop and what manufacturer you’re thinking about, resin sheds might also be called plastic sheds, vinyl sheds, or high-density polyethylene sheds. (Lifetime sheds are made from high-density polyethylene.) Resin sheds are the latest kind of sheds on the market and are rapidly becoming the most popular choice of shed for many reasons.

Resin sheds are made from a high quality plastic material which produces the sheds lighter, yet stronger and more durable than wooden sheds. For ultimate strength and endurance, some producers such as Lifetime also use integrated steel supports and a double-wall – versus only a single-wall-resin panel structure.

Resin sheds are extremely attractive and decorative with their neutral colours and mimicked wood-textured panels, but they maynot be painted or shingled to perfectly fit your residence. But they do allow for simple additions of updated attachment options such as skylights, windows, lighting, shelving, and counter strips with no extra wiring, cutting, or drilling required. Clean finished interior with all the vinyl wall and floor panels.